Monday, July 18, 2011

For all the Loving Fathers

You gave me life and u gave me smiles

and u for me have walked miles and miles

u r the sun who gave the light to my heart

and the journey of my life got a kickstart

u r the earth where i learnt my 1st step

on my failures u were always there to help

u r the wind from whom i learnt how to move ahead

so dat i cud survive and all the difficult paths r tread

u r the water from whom i learnt how to be fair

keep my decisons colourless like water wid no despair

u r the moon who taught me how to care and share

the way it shares its light wen thr is dark everywhr

u r the sky from whom i learnt to explore my horizons

reach on top of the world without losing my emotions

u r the rain who has showered on me all his care and love

and my wishes and desires are always kept above

u r my beautiful day and u r my peaceful night

without whom nothing in my life cud have been right

u r the wall who taught me how to be firm against adversary

though i went far away but father's love knows no boundary

u r the savior who plucks every thorn on my way

he himself bears every pain and still has nothing to say

u r a book where i learn from each and every page

u r my everything and am ur shadow and image

hey dad its all because of u i am wat i am today

i love u a lot dad and a happy father's day

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Million things to smile

thr r a million of things for u to rise
and thr r a million reasons for u to smile
so many things lying on ur down on ur feet
u have to walk thru them to know how mch dey r sweet
some small sacrifices to achieve bigger things
and dats y we walk down the road and sing
sing the song of life as paths we have to cover
see all the beautiful things of life bfore its over
walk down the new phase and chalenges of life
and to acheive new heights for which we strife
creates longer roads in between our closed ones
this heart weeps for them wen such time comes
dats the time we realize how much they mean
and how much on these ppl our life lean
but those r the million things for which u have to sacrifice
and do something for those same ppl who have made ur life nice
come back to these people 1 day wid ur head held high
make them proud dat ur shoulder r whr their hands lie

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Mother's day

my feets were small and my eyes were tiny
but i cud still see smthing very shiny
as i took shelter in my first home
most special place was womb of my mom
i was a small peice of her big heart
clinging to her saved me frm getting hurt
her womb was the source of all my nutrition
the god's place whr i dreamt of all my ambitions
i cud always see a firm hand reaching out to me
as i hurled onto my 1st ever step and thr was she
she smiled wen i did and she wept wen i wept
nd never took a nap herself bfore ascertaining i was slept
she was the only 1 who cud read my cries and lip
in her soft arms i cud close my eyes and sleep
she was the only face my eyes and my heart cud recognize
for a baby, mothers the only truth,rest all complete lies
her body took lots of pains to keep me well fed
nd made sure my health's foundation was laid
joy and happiness on her face cud be seen al the way
wen i uttered my 1st words and 'mom' i cud only say
my kiddish eyes cud never shed even a trickle of tear
as mom took all my pains and 'love u beta' i cud only hear
this world used to scared me like hell as a growing kid
nd i wud run to my mum to hug her tight closing my eyelid
mom was the one who stood firm and was always around
nd i cud hear her saying 'beta' out of millions of sound
in return i can only say i just love u like anything mom
and this love will go on for years and years to come
those childhood memories just make me feel like running away
clutch u mom in my arms and softly whisper 'happy mother's day'